Wheelchair/Scooter accessibility

Harriet Island is a paved, level surface where wheelchairs can easily navigate on sidewalks. The grass is also level, allowing easy access to tents. Accessible parking is available on the north side of Water Street between Wabasha and Plato until full. Overflow accessible parking and transportation is available at 90 West Plato Boulevard. Look for the accessible parking sign. A drop-off area is provided in front of the Gateway Entrance. The Irish Fair of Minnesota does not offer wheelchairs.

Special needs Quiet Space

Irish Fair is pleased to offer Quiet Space at our event for our guests with autism, sensory processing disorders, and other needs. This space will be kept dark, quiet and cool for people who need a break from the Fair. This space is located on the northwest corner of the pavilion. Please check our map or ask a volunteer to help you find the space. 

Click here for a downloadable PDF of the Irish Fair Social Narrative.

Nursing tent

Irish Fair is pleased to provide a cool, quiet space for nursing mothers and babies to take a break.  This tent will be located in the northwest corner of the pavilion near the Quiet Space tent. Maps will be available at the Info/Welcome Booth.