Cultural & Educational Experience

Our mission is to promote Irish culture so you'll find cultural and educational activities everywhere over the course of the weekend.  We are bringing an eclectic set of exhibits, cultural organizations, music and dance, storytelling and more.  Check light green items on our online program.


Ambassador Geraldine Byrne Nason

Irish Ambassador to the United States, Geraldine Byrne Nason, is coming to Irish Fair! The ambassador will not only be at our opening ceremony on Friday, she’ll be giving a talk on the Cork Stage at 1pm on Saturday too, which will really be a unique experience for our guests.

Saturday at 1pm on the Cork Stage.

CynCity Walking Tours: The Good, The Bad, and The Irish

Stroll along the Mississippi River with CynCity Tours as costumed guides talk about the Irish legends who helped shape St. Paul.  From godfathers to good guys, the city’s rich history includes Archbishop John Ireland and his work with the Catholic church…police chief John O’Connor interesting plan to deal with the city’s crime problem of the early 1900’s...the impact Saint Paul had on a young F. Scott Fitzgerald…and much more!

Saturday at 12pm and 2pm and Sunday at 1pm, meeting at the Donegal Stage.

Jane Kennedy: History of Minnesota Children's Program of Northern Ireland

Local historian offers a presentation on the history of the Minnesota Children's Program of No. Ireland in honor of the Program's 50th Anniversary. Her presentation would feature information from children who came from No. Ireland as part of the Program, Minnesota host families, and Program board members. She will have photos to display as well. So many positives have come out of the Program, including children's lives saved by having them in Minnesota during violent summer weeks of the Troubles. 

Saturday at 3:15pm on the Cork Stage

If you are interested in being involved in future cultural offerings, please email