Native Irish Dogs

Native Dogs Of Ireland at the Irish Fair


Dogs and Ireland go hand in hand. The Native Dogs of Ireland have been gathering at Irish Fair since 1985 to educate and inform about the historical uses of each breed. 

We are pleased to have our furry friends back at Irish Fair! Stop by the North side of the Pavilion to say hello and learn about the different breeds.   Please note, not all Breeds are in attendance each or all day but you may catch a variety of the 8 Native Breeds of Ireland. From the several Terriers, including the Irish, (Red or Black & Tan) Soft Coated Wheaten, Kerry Blue and on a rare occasion the Elusive Glen of Imaal, to the Hunting Breeds of the Red/White & Red Setters, and the Irish Water Spaniels and their webbed toes. Lastly we always have a vast array of the Dog of Irish Kings and Nobles, the Gentle Giant, or Irish Wolfhound.