Irish Porch Pour Party

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Porch Pour Party Livestream

Presented by Celtic Junction Arts Center
August 8th, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM CDT
Watch it Here

What is the Irish Porch Pour Party?

In partnership with Celtic Junction Arts Center, the Irish Fair of Minnesota is excited to host an Irish Porch Pour Party to bring together friends and families across the country! We offer the opportunity to relax, have a few pints, and enjoy quality time with each other while experiencing a unique combination of dancing, music, pint pouring and whiskey tasting, all via Facebook livestream. Are you missing that perfectly poured glass of Guinness? No worries, our Guinness ambassador will be teaching everyone how to pour the perfect pint. Curious to know a bit more about Irish whiskey? No worries, we have an Irish whiskey expert joining us for a few stories and tips. Come join us on Saturday August 8 starting at 6 pm CDT! Register below so that your city will show up on our interactive map and we can keep you up to date as details emerge.

Official Irish Porch Pour Party Schedule

6:15 - Guinness Perfect Pour:

Learn how to pour that perfect glass of Guinness with Jimmy Callahan, Guinness' brand ambassador, where he will be demonstrating how to get such a perfect glass out of a can and a bottle.

6:25 - Performance by Two Tap Trio:

Two-time Live Ireland Awards "Best Vocalist of the Year" (and fantastic flute player) Norah Rendell, fiddler Mary Vanorny and guitarist Brian Miller are the Two Tap Trio. Formed in 2007 and based in the Twin Cities, the Two Tap Trio mixes driving fiddle and flute duets with Norah's singing, underpinned by intricate guitar and bouzouki backing. The trio performs at festivals and concert halls throughout the Midwest, including the Milwaukee Irish Fest, Thunder Bay's Canadian Celtic Celebration, North East South Dakota Celtic Faire and Irish Fair Minnesota. Check them out here!

6:45 - A dance performance by O'Shea Irish Dance:

O'Shea Irish Dance is led by director Cormac O'Se T.C.R.G., original cast member of Riverdance and native of Dublin, Ireland. Established in 2005, O.I.D. provides Irish dance classes and training for the demanding and technical art form of traditional and competitive Irish Step dance, where dancers train as artists, musicians, and athletes. Learn more about O'Shea Irish Dance here!

7:15 - Irish Whiskey Tasting with Kieran Folliard:

Kieran Folliard - Founder of 2Gingers Irish Whiskey and International Ambassador for Kilbeggan Distilling Company along with Gerry Diver - Minnesota's Kilbeggan Distilling Company Ambassador, will take you through a diverse and innovative selection of Irish Whiskey from Ireland's oldest distillery. 2Gingers Irish Whiskey, Kilbeggan Single Grain, and the award-winning Kilbeggan Small Batch Rye - All while telling a few stories and tales of the Irish Whiskey evolution. Learn more about Kilbeggan here!

Buy 2Gingers here!

Buy Kilbeggan here!

7:45 - The Langer's Ball:

The Langer's Ball, the two-piece Irish Folk-punk band, has been writing, touring, and performing for over a decade. Playing their brand of traditional drinking songs and original material makes their sound harder-hitting and more prominent than you'd expect it ever could be. With a thumping beat and a flurry of notes and harmonies, you'll dash to refill your drink and cheer for more. Check them out here!

*For our schedule, we ask that anyone watching be mindful that this is our first time putting on a virtual event and the times above may not be exact.

How do I register?

If you’d like to be regularly updated about the event, consider registering here. Registration is not necessary for participation but at no cost, you can be added to our email list so you don’t miss out on the latest news regarding the event and event ideas on how to make your party even better. Through registering, you can have your city added to our interactive map to show what cities across the country are hosting porch parties.

Ways to make your porch party your own!

Spruce up the place!

One of the most important things about a party is the atmosphere. An idea to make your party feel more alive and comfortable is the addition of lights! Lanterns and string lights are a great way to make your party shine. Also, don’t forget to give your guests a place to sit and a cozy place at that. Embrace your creative side as you design your porch with new furniture and decorations.

Try Out a New Recipe!

You can’t forget one of the most important parts of the party, the food! The Celtic Caterer, Chef Eric W. McBride has great youtube vidoes to guide you through a number of delicious recipes and has made a special video showing you how to make a Guinness Chocolate Walnut Cake with Chocolate Lava Frosting.  Delish has a ton of great traditional Irish Recipes for you to include at your party. Try out the vegan shepherd’s pie, or keep it classic with corned beef! The possibilities are endless and yummy! 

Guinness Chocolate Walnut Cake with Chocolate Lava Frosting by the Celtic Caterer, Chef Eric W. McBride

Set up a Photo Booth

A great way to make memories is by taking pictures. Set up a photo booth at your party where you and your guests can strike a pose and make those memories. You can provide props for your guests to take pictures with to make it even more fun. Be sure to share your photos with us using the hashtag #porchpourparty

Test Your Irish Knowledge!

Put your family and friends to the test! There are a ton of printable Irish trivia games that would be fun to include at your porch party! Make teams or play some of your friends online. The winner gets bragging rights and maybe a small prize as well! 

Irish Pub Song Sing-a-Long

An Irish party is incomplete without one of the main staples of Irish pubs, the music! Create your own Porch Pour Party playlist, or engage you and your guests further with a sing-a-long of the more popular songs. Head on over to this link on youtube for a great starter playlist! 

Check out a playlist here!

Host a Talent Show

Do you or one of your party guests have a special talent that needs to be shared with the world? Take a video of that special talent and post it to the hashtag #porchpourparty

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Big thank you to Guinness and to the Celtic Junction Arts Center. The Irish Porch Pour Party would not be possible without their help.

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