Charlie Heymann - Songs of Parting

Charlie Heymann picked up his love of singing and Irish music from his mother and family friends such as the Armstrong family in Chicago. For 50+ years now Charlie has collected songs the world over, and many of his favorites are little known even to those with deep interests in the Irish, Scottish and American ballad traditions.

YouTube link to Charlie’s singing

Parting Songs Workshop (Sunday Aug 12, 1:00pm @ IMDA Workshop Tent)
Charlie will explore songs that express varying ideas of ‘parting’ or separation in the Irish tradition due to death, end of love, end of an era, end of the night, nostalgia, etc.
Scottish Songs Workshop (Sunday Aug 12, 4:00pm @ IMDA Workshop Tent)
To show that Scottish singing is very much alive and in good hands today, Charlie will sing some of his favorite recently-written songs from this vibrant Gaelic and Celtic tradition.

IMDA Workshop Tent